Urban Wildlife Rescue, Inc. (UWR) is offering two educational classes about our Colorado wildlife. UWR is an award-winning, non-profit organization, dedicated to educating children and adults on the value of Colorado's wildlife and to assisting wildlife in distress. Since 1991, UWR has educated thousands of young people and adults on the biology and behavior of wild animals. We continue to offer a haven to thousands of orphaned and injured animals.

Our first educational program is titled, "Living With Your Wildlife Neighbors". This class provides the unique ability to bring wildlife that you may find in your own backyard, into the classroom via an artistic slide show.

Our second educational program is titled, "The Bat Chat", and allows you to ravel into the exciting world of bats. Learn the truth about Chiroptera biology, behavior, and their contribution to the eco-system. Creative slides will give insight into the lives and mannerisms of the bat. Young people will be able to touch and feel taxidermy specimens. And children will never forget "The Bat Lady"!!!

Jack and Penny Murphy are the Co-founders and Educational Directors of UWR.

Jack is a Colorado State licensed wildlife rehabilitator. He has over 20 years of experience as a humane trapper. Due to his exposure and hands-on contact with the wildlife, he is exceptionally knowledgeable about the biology and behavior of the wild animals. He is an innovative, captivating, and fascinating educator. He is in high demand as a lecturer.

Penny is a Colorado State licensed wildlife rehabilitator. She has had over 10 years of first-hand experience with fur-bearing mammals. Because of her close interaction with the wildlife, she has a wealth of information that is not found in the average biology book. She is an articulate, entertaining, dynamic, and enthusiastic teacher.

These one to two hour courses provide affordable learning opportunities for students. They can explore the wonders of our wildlife and develop values and respect toward our wildlife and the eco-system.

Call us for more information at (303) 340-4911 or e-mail us.

How many different colors are there of the red fox?

How many different kinds of skunks are there?

Do predators play an important role in our eco-system?

How does a human raise infant wildlife to be wild?

Are all bats found on the ground sick or injured? Can bats fly from the ground?

Are bats blind? Do they see in color or in black and white?

At what age do bats free-fly and eat on their own?

Do bats have social sounds that humans can hear?

The answers to these and other questions will be given at the "Living With Your Wildlife Neighbors" and/or "The Bat Chat" presentations. There are many little known facts about the wild animals that will be shared with the participants.